Meatloaf for the Masses

by The Amphibians

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The Amphibians were a freshman fling of new wave fury. The band formed in the fall, warmed up for Larry Norman in the winter, recorded a cassette in the spring, and disbanded by summer.


released May 1, 1985

Jeff Novak, piano
Greg Scheer, vocals and bass
Richard (Trapper) Vought, drums
Bob Weil, guitar and vocals

All songs written by Greg Scheer, except where noted.



all rights reserved


Greg Scheer Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Maria
A fleeting tear rolls down her mind's eye
And then she's light and laughing again
as always

storms cross her consciousness; dark, black
then leave her
light and laughing again,
as always.
Track Name: No Place
Hiding away in exile,
lying lifeless.
In a dust covered cigar box,
lying lifeless.

A plastic flute used to serenade the trees,
A candle stub used to light the dark,
And a broken crayon used to draw the sky.

There is no place in a world
filled with responsibilities
for such meaningless toys.

No place
Track Name: Judgment Day Boogie
Why should I worry when problems come along to me?
Sure they flow like rivers, but I make them out as big as seas.
Tossin' seas.

When you feel like moss on the rolling stone, just grab his hand.
My house is built on the solid rock, I took it off the shifting sand.
Shifting sand.

Don't you look around when he asks you to join the band.
'Cause every knee shall bow, don't you be thinking that you will stand.
You won't stand.

Why should I put my trust in things that will fade way?
'Cause where the tree falls it lies, and there it stays.
On the judgment day.
Track Name: Madalyn O'Hair
Madalyn O'Hair
What you so worried 'bout a God if he isn't there?
Madalyn O'Hair
If he doesn't exist, then what do you care?

Madalyn O'Hair
I give you an answer that you say is ignorant,
but where's the words of wisdom flowing from your mouth?
All I hear is firm conviction 'bout how things are not.

So gimme the answers, 'cause I'm waiting to hear.
Ease my aching mind that's so filled with fear.
G-g-g-gimme my rights Mr. ACLU;
I feel I'm going under and I don't know what to do.

Should I have a talk with my buddy Zen?
Does it lie in the being of us perfect men?
'Cause ever since you told us we were wrong,
we've been waiting for something better to come along.
Track Name: Time
The time has come
don't pass it by
it won't stay
for a long time

Take advantage
opportunity awaits
but only for a limited time
because it is time

Time to talk
talk about things
things that mean a lot
a lot of things take time

I don't want
want to repeat
repeat things said

But it
it is time
time to live
and a time to die
time to faint
and a time to fly, but
spend no time asking reasons why

So say
say what you must
get it out
while there's time

Time to speak
time to talk
time to say things
time for communications

Track Name: So Many Times
So many times, I've been unfaithful to you
All of the time, you brought me through
You give me wisdom, but I haven't been true
You give me love, but I break the rules.

I guess that's what true love is
I guess that's what true love is

The world has its wisdom, it has its noise
You're free to your speech, but you'll lose your voice
You didn't make me, you gave me the choice
The angels can sing, but they can't rejoice

I guess that's what freedom is
I guess that's what freedom is

You gave me yourself, I didn't want you at all
Why'd you stay around for my fall
How can you love me, while I turn my back
I guess it's a lesson in the patience I don't have

I guess that's what forgiving is
I guess that's what forgiving is
Track Name: Talk
When will there be enough time
to hear you out, and express myself, too?
Everyone is speaking together
but no one is getting through

I make a mad rush of words
'til I'm blue in the face,
but there's no time in between
so you can't feel my space

And even if we set aside a Saturday
we'd have a table full of food
and nothing to say

We make a rush with the knives
we try to see the other side
but what we do tomorrow
changes what we say tonight

And I won't stop till I know you
though it takes my life
when everything's been said
I'll be satisfied

I've got no time
no time left for you
I'm on my way
so they say
to better things

And I swear some day
I'll break out of this skin
to be the weightless fire
that I should have been

Only then can you know me as I really am
as we start off where we left off
and try it again
Track Name: There I Go Again
how many times will I have to try?
I’m giving up hope again
It’s all a joke again

are young but getting old before our time
Does it make sense to you?
as I’m riding that fence with you?

In these foolish games we play
Mind’s eye searches for the way

There I go again
the original sin

Loneliness with hands possesses me
and my body shakes once more
a thousand retakes once more

and I’d cry
liquid apologies enough for two
but tears don’t come nor do regrets
I can’t feel my guilt, but I can’t forget.

Dancing shadows show the way
I can’t pin down what’s been portrayed

There I go again
the original sin

debate the person in my head
While serpents speak again
knowledge makes me weak again

But I rise,
though shame dulls my blind eyes
I have to try once more
I have to find the door

Between the glory and the flame
I sweat for knowledge without name

There I go again
the original sin
Track Name: Can't Live
For a long time, I’ve felt so down and out
I had to find what this was all about
I didn’t feel much, but I didn’t have to
‘cause if I could feel you, then what’s my faith do?

And living just a day without you
confusing as my eyes not open
leaves me scared, and leaves me hoping
that you’ll never leave me lonely

I can’t live
live without you
I can’t live
live anymore

They told me one thing, and did another
bad examples fill the mind with doubt
but then the time came do for my decision
I’ve thought it over and I’ve made up my mind

And now I make my come back
I’m stepping up and stepping out
they’ve been keeping me down under
now I’m up and they’ll never stop me

I can’t live
live without you
I can’t live
live anymore